CESAB offers a range of solutions to complement our high-quality products. Our solutions cover various subjects, such as safety, visibility, productivity, energy solutions and financing plans. No matter the size or environment of the customer, we make sure our customer's needs are met and that their business is running smoothly and efficiently.

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IMD – Intelligent Mast Design:

IMD (Intelligent Mast Design) is a pioneering concept designed and engineered exclusively within the CESAB Group.

We believe that the mast is key to safe and productive materials handling. We use 3-D computer modelling, Finite Element Model analysis with a computerised simulation to find the best design solution for our masts.

Thanks to IMD, CESAB provides you with the industry leading levels of visibility and performance.

Among other advantages of the Intelligent Mast Design:

  • High strength and rigidity
  • Low maintenance
  • Low energy usage
  • Superior forward visibility
  • Smooth operation
  • More durability
  • Productivity

By applying the IMD concept to the design of each individual truck, CESAB has created a range of forklifts that provide you outstanding performance.

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