Towing solutions

The partnership between CESAB and Simai brings together two innovative companies with more than 125 years of combined experience.

Today, SIMAI offers Europe’s widest range of electric tow tractors and platform trucks reaching from 1.5 to 50 tonnes towing capacity. Three main categories regroup 13 models in total. Every model offers numerous options and allow you to adapt your tower or platform truck 100% to your needs.

Any job and any location, the CESAB-SIAMI electric towers and platform trucks will offer the material handling solution you need. Electric thus zero emission, they can work inside as well as outside.

The AC drive motor technology assures very low maintenance, due to the reduced number of components, and better energy efficiency. This technology also makes life easier for the driver as it allows rapid drive direction changes and automatic braking as soon as the chauffeur releases the accelerator pedal. 

Multiple coupling solutions are available to allow you to use the CESAB-SIMAI trucks with a multitude of trailers.

Outstanding products are complemented by outstanding service and support. Simai customers now benefit from the expertise of CESAB’s European wide network of independent dealerships. CESAB’s fully qualified, local engineers will ensure maximum uptime for Simai customers, whatever their industry. It’s a powerful partnership between your business, CESAB and Simai.

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CESAB Simai PE15 towing truck

PE 15:

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CESAB Simai PE20 towing truck

PE 20:

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CESAB Simai PE30 towing truck

PE 30:

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CESAB Simai TE152 towing truck

TE 152:

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CESAB Simai TE291 towing truck

TE 291:

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CESAB Simai TE300R towing truck

TE 300R:

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CESAB Simai TE500RR towing truck

TE 500RR:

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CESAB Simai TE80 towing truck

TE 80:

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CESAB Simai TE80IXB towing truck


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CESAB Simai TTE15 towing truck

TTE 15:

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CESAB Simai TTE30 towing truck

TTE 30:

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CESAB Simai TTE40 towing truck

TTE 40:

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CESAB Simai TTE71 towing truck

TTE 71:

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