High Performance Material Handling for Koenigsegg

Launched by Christian von Koenigsegg in 1994, Koenigsegg Automotive AB is a Swedish manufacturer of very high- performance road cars based in Ängelholm.

In its facilities in southern Sweden, Koenigsegg creates an average of ten bespoke hypercars every year. A team of 50 people work within a composite workshop, engine development and testing, pre- and final assembly hall, paint shop, research and development facilities and vehicle and parts storage to create every component of the Koenigsegg car in-house.

Koenigsegg focuses every aspect of its development process on performance, from raw materials, people and facilities to software, tools, systems and maintenance. Koenigsegg builds all its engines in-house with the philosophy of creating compact powerplants with the highest possible output.

It is the first supercar manufacturer to produce a car where the hp to kg curb weight ratio is an astonishing 1:1. The ‘0ne:1’ is actually the first homologated production car in the world with one Megawatt of power, thereby making it the world ́s first Megacar.

Cesab dealer Skånetruck has worked in partnership with Koenigsegg for over 14 years and understands its exact material handling requirements. Forklift trucks are handling very high value materials and have to work with care and precision to ensure that car parts and materials are carried around efficiently without damage. The tight spaces of the Koenigsegg warehouse and quantity of expensive materials stored here mean that material handling equipment has to be manoeuvrable, handle loads carefully and able to reach product stored at height.

A compact electric 3-wheel Cesab forklift has been used in the warehouse, receiving and handling storage areas since 2000. Continuing to work as reliably, precisely and effectively as it did 14 years ago, this powerful truck transports raw materials and stores material such as tyres, boxes and car windows and carries out loading and unloading operations.

Mrs von Koenigsegg of Koenigsegg: “We chose the Cesab following consultations with Johan Roxlin at Skånetruck. This dealership has an excellent reputation and we have long trusted their advice. They gave us the confidence that this Cesab forklift could handle our material with the greatest care and this has been proved right.

“Our boxes are stored at a considerable height and contain very expensive materials, but even at those heights, the Cesab truck has not let us down over all these years.

“Performance and complete reliability is essential to the way Koenigsegg operates and we are happy to say that Skånetruck and Cesab have helped us to deliver this in our materials handling operation.”

“Every one of our operators is extremely positive about the way the Cesab truck performs and takes care of our materials. Our car windows need to be transported with care and precision and goods have to be handled at height and the Cesab forklift has consistently delivered in both areas.”