Closing the gap

With the launch of the P013i, CESAB offers an economic solution to mechanise basic material handling. Manual handling is the biggest cause of muscular injuries in the workplace, these types of injuries account for more than for 1/3 of all work-related illnesses. With the P013i, CESAB closes the gap between the hand pallet trucks and the more expensive powered pallet trucks.

The P013i has all the features of the “biggies”: Automatic speed reduction while cornering for maximum safety of the driver and the load, turtle button for more precise manoeuvring, driving with the tiller arm in an upright position when things get tight!

Its 24V-36Ah offers excellent autonomy and can be quick-charged in less than 3 hours.

The P013i is the ideal, economical solution when loads get heavy or when space is tight!


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Model Code P013i
Rated Capacity 1300 kg
Operator Type Pedestrian
Speed with/without load 4.6/4.8 km/h
Overall length 1530 mm
Length to fork face 380 mm 
Overall width 540 mm
Turning radius 1330 mm
Drive motor rating S2 60 min 0.65 kW
Sound level EN 12053 < 70 dB(A)